//The Mezzanine is a dynamic young adult church that meets every Sunday Night at Seven. Meet the team who makes it happen..


David Gammon


Everyone, meet Pastor David, our Young Adults Pastor! Pastor David has a passion to lead young adults into their God given purpose and teach them who they are called to be. He believes that this generation of 18-29 year old can and will lead, develop, and change the world. If you have any questions about the Word of God he would love to help you find the answer!

Shana Darby

Worship Leader

Everyone, meet Shana, our Mezzanine Worship leader!
Shana (Like banana) has a passion to lead others into the presence of our Heavenly King. Her greatest desire is to show that Worship is more than songs, instruments, lighting effects, and haze. Yet, that Worship is a lifestyle surrendered to Jesus through everything we do, say, and think. She wants to break the boxes of what we think Worship is and actually live it out.
Shana loves to encourage people in their calling, lead them up, and watch them flourish. If you see her off the stage, never hesitate to say “Hi” she loves meeting new friends! Some fun facts to know about Shana is that she is newly engaged! She loves popcorn, coffee, and fried rice. Her favorite topics are Jesus, food, and dogs. “What else do you need in life?”- Shana

Nikki Maffeo


Everyone, meet Nikki, our Mezzanine Administrator!
She is your go to gal. You have questions about Mezzanine? Ask her. She is equipped and ready to make your experience at Mezzanine both fun and easy! She is gifted in creating parties and shindigs where people can both have fun AND encounter Jesus.
Nikki is passionate about seeing hearts that have been broken and hurt picked up and put back together through the love of Jesus and connecting people. Nikki will probably be the first person you meet upon coming to Mezzanine! Some fun facts to know about Nikki is that she is obsessed with whales and coffee. If you ever meet her and don't know what to say, just say those two words and you are good to go.

Taylar Kemp


Everyone, meet Taylar, our Mezzanine Administrator!
Want to know what Mezzanine is doing through out the week and get connected? Ask her. She is the person that knows all things small groups, all things events, and all things happening at Mezzanine! You might see Taylar on the worship team or the front row when you come to Mezzanine. She loves nature, the outdoors, and fashion! If you see her these are great conversation starters. Taylar is passionate about helping young adults find their passion and purpose and equipping them to do it. She fell in love with the Mezzanine because she saw a place that is passionate about young adults and that believes in a generation that is often over looked and forgotten.